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Design Trends

While I do not recommend that you decorate your home based on the current trends, being aware of what the trends are, how they make you feel and incorporating that which turns you on, is a great idea. Trends are what you will find in the marketplace and if it reflects who you are, who your family is and your personality, go for it. The degree that each trend reflects you, is the degree that you should incorporate it into your home. If a trend is a reflective of who you are, what you love, then splurge and enjoy. If it is just a small portion of your personality, just use it sparingly.


The idea of a design trend is capture you so that when you arrive home you feel more at home there than any other place in the world.


Design in fashion, the automobile industry and home furnishings all come from the world we live in. There are so many influences that affect design and how long the trend will remain current.


Design trends are having a longer shelf life than ever before because of many factors. Our world is getting smaller and smaller and where we look to Europe and the rest of the world to influence our upcoming trends, they are looking to us for theirs. The entertainment industry affects trends in a large scale. If you want to see how a trend fits into our world, look no further than Hollywood and what is hot.


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