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10 Steps on How to Choose the Perfect Sofa


10 Steps on How to Choose the Perfect Sofa for Your Living Space

  1. Measure the size of your room
  2. Measure the size of all openings and doorways to get into that room
  3. Bring your measurements to Smitty’s staff. They will create a room plan to find the best size sofa for your room and your family’s needs.
  4. Smitty’s can arrange for a free check measure if there is any doubt whether the sofa you  fall in love with will fit through your doors and halls.
  5. Think about how you use your sofa – do you sit formally with your feet on the ground or do you lay out and lounge? Don’t be shy - Make sure you try out any potential sofa the same way you would use it at home.
  6. Think about your style of the room – rounded arms are more casual, track arms are more contemporary.
  7. Think about your budget and time of investment – find a manufacturer that matches the quality and price point that meets your budget. There are more options then you can imagine.
  8. Take into account your family’s lifestyle and match the quality and type of fabric to your family’s needs. Canadian manufacturer’s offer a wide variety of choices to meet your needs.
  9. Sight lines are an important consideration when choosing the height of your sofa.
  10. Sectionals are not just for larger rooms. Sometimes a sectional is perfect to maximize the space in small rooms. Make sure you discuss this option with your sales consultant.

     Book an In-home Consultation with a Smitty's Certified Interior Decorator      



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Turn Ordinary into Extraordinary

Like so many other empty nester couples, Debra and Karl found themselves living in a home that was created by default, collecting a little of this, shelves filled with memories and family pictures.
There home was filled with history and love and so many happy times.  What they lacked was a sense of style, a sense of who they were as a couple and where they were going in this next state of their life together

As they thought about how to revamp their tired living room and dining room, they had a sense of what they wanted but were unable to articulate it. As the couple worked with one of Smitty's Interior Decorators, playing with colour, design and exploring who they wanted to be, their sense of playfulness and happiness came out and their excitement built. No longer were they overwhelmed with the process of where to start, they began to see themselves in the colours that they were falling in love with.
Happy colour was the theme that they built their room around. It all began with a swatch of fabric and the room began to come alive. The couple concentrated on how they wanted to use the room, how they wanted to live, who they wanted to entertain and the room plan came together with the help of a trained decorator.
The sofa from Palliser covered in a neutral grey fabric became the anchor piece of the entire room. The perfect recliner from Palliser's My Comfort collection allowed the couple to swivel to have a conversation and turn to watch tv as well. Each chair was fit for each of the couple and met both of their needs, making the room comfortable for both of them. The pale green colour gave them a sense of playful colour without being too strong and bold.


The star of the room has to be the couple's favourite find, an area rug from Surya carpet. The pattern is bold and breathtaking. The colours gave the couple the fun, playful and exciting feeling they were trying to create. The area completes the room and makes the room show stopping spectacular. Just ask any of their friends who gasp when they enter the room at how spectacular it is.



Karl and Debra are absolutely thrilled with the room and how it was personalized to their personal style. They are confident that nobody else has a room like theirs and no other room could reflect their vibrant personalities as well as this did.

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Jewellery for your furniture

Nail head trim - This classic upholstery accent is popping up everywhere.


Pair with contemporary fabrics or crisp linens for a fresh modern look. Bright metallic nail heads add interest and drama to your home decor.


Create your own personalized style by adding nail head trim to drapery, dresser fronts, accent tables, lamps and accessories.



Become our pin pal and discover more great home décor trends and style ideas



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Celebrate the Differences!!!

Recently we had a customer ask us how to update her dining room. She had just moved to her dream home and the old table did not fit in with her new lifestyle. She loved her chairs and did not want to replace them and purchase all new.


We told her to Celebrate the Difference and just purchase a new table. With the help of a Smittys Interior Decorator and having a personalized in home service, she was able to create the perfect new table that fit in with her new lifestyle but celebrated the old and the differences. Smittys and the customer could not have been more thrilled with the completed dining room.


Here is the feedback we received from this customer. (photos submitted by customer)




You can easily achieve the same look and all the best designers and decorators are showing you how.


 Photo credit:  Matthew Williams


Add new parsons fabric chairs to an old island or harvest table. Mix textures and ages and you will fall in love with your old pieces all over again. There is nothing that replaces the memories or texture that is created by keeping history and mixing it with today's comfort and ease.



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Renovating? When Should You Choose Furniture?

There are so many decisions to make when you are renovating that it brings up the question, when should you decide on your furniture? Many people leave this decision until after the renovation is completed or just about done.


The actual best time to complete your furniture planning is before you even begin to renovate. The next best time is as early as possible.


I just had a customer experience that brings up this very point. She had begun her basement renovation and was at the basic stud wall stage when we began planning how she wanted to use her room. Once we discussed how she wanted to use the space, how many people would be using the room, how many different functions, she realized that her original plan would not work and she would have hated the results. In order to avoid frustration after all that effort and money, she took the opportunity to redo her original plan.


Now as this customer chooses her colours and actual furniture pieces it will all work just the way she dreamed it would. As with all projects, looking from the end result back towards the starting point will give you your best results.


Talk to your Smitty's representative about your project. We are trained to help you plan the space exactly the way you want to use it, before you ever spend a penny or begin construction.



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