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For the Love of Canadian Furniture
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Update Your Dining Room with Amisco

Amisco is a Quebec-based furniture company that designs and produces quality furniture with a contemporary look and feel. Made from solid wood and steel construction, Amisco’s dining furniture is durable and beautiful.


Dining tables and chairs have changed a lot in the last decade. The traditional rectangular or round table was typically finished in a simple, sometimes uninspired, way — more function over form. This uninteresting table would, traditionally, be accompanied by four to six identical hardback chairs. That’s it. That’s all.


Now, dining tables come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. There are tons of finishes, colours, and materials to choose from. It’s about both function and form. You can also accompany your dining table with a mix of styles of chairs — they don’t all have to match. You can select different chairs for the heads of the table, different sizes or finishes, or even select a bench to run along one side of your table!


Easy ways to update your dining room

It’s easier than ever before to update your dining room without breaking your bank, or redesigning your home.


Amisco has designed a huge array of dining tables and chairs that run from urban sleek to rustic farmhouse, and come in a variety of sizes and heights. You can select a dining table and chairs, or a pub table with stools, or and you can mix and match table bases and table tops. The selection is enormous!


Special features

Amisco also makes several lines of extendable dining tables. These tables open so easily that even one person can manage it, and once you add in the table leaves you can increase your table size by over two feet!


What’s even more clever is that the tables feature built-in leaf storage — no more trying to find a safe home for your table inserts so they don’t get scratched between uses.

Whether it’s wood, steel, or glass, Amisco has an amazing selection of tables and chairs that will make it easy for you to update your dining room exactly the way you want.

Visit Smitty’s and we’ll help you select the perfect Amisco dining furniture for your home.

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Design It Your Way with Bermex

Bermex is well known for their tagline, ‘Design It Your Way’, because that’s exactly what they specialize in doing.


Founded in Quebec, Bermex has become one of North America’s largest dining furniture manufacturers focused on producing personalized, quality, solid wood furniture. Their styles range from casual to formal, contemporary to traditional, American Country to French Country, and transitional to mix and match.


What is truly exceptional is that Bermex can offer customers dining furniture that can be finished in over 170 different finishes and in over 300 different fabrics, including leather. They also have over 400 chairs and bar stool models, and more than 80 table sizes. Whether you’re purchasing a complete dining room set, or a single bar stool, the flexibility that Bermex offers on their products is incredible.


Quality and environmentally-friendly construction


In order to achieve the highest quality results, Bermex maintains total control over the manufacturing process. From start to finish their expert builders are involved. With more than 500 employees and state-of-the-air technology, they are focused on quality.


Bermex also knows the importance of sustainability. Their tagline ‘Bermex furniture...made in harmony with environment’ is something they take seriously.


Green initiatives include:

  • For each tree that is cut down, a new plantation is done. This is an excellent way of ensuring the renewal of used resources!  
  • Every necessary effort is done so the wood that is cut away during production of a Bermex furniture is used for creating marketing tools or other items.  
  • All residues coming from different products used by the finishing department are 100% recycled by CHEMREC.  
  • A structured planning process allows Bermex to ship furniture while minimizing the carbon gas emissions and fuel consumption.  
  • Quality of Bermex furniture offers an optimum life span. This is a heritage that contributes to protecting your environment and that of following generations. To choose Bermex is an intelligent investment.

Smitty’s is proud to carry quality and eco-friendly brands like Bermex. Come and visit us to see the latest dining room furniture designs and explore how you can customize your dining room to make it truly your own.

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Top Reasons To Buy Canadian Furniture

Top Reasons to Buy Canadian Made Furniture at Smitty's

July marks the celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday, and in honour of this momentous occasion we are highlighting some of the top reasons to buy Canadian furniture.


At Smitty’s, we are proud of our roots and we know that there are many good reasons to purchase furniture that is made in Canada — here are a few of our favourites:


Canadians are expert furniture makers.


Canada has a long history of producing furniture. In fact, Canadian furniture originated with the first settlers and was made up of simple, handmade, and generally practical products. The first Canadian furniture company was established in Berlin (now Kitchener), Ontario, in 1830.


Canadians have the expertise to produce solidly-crafted pieces. Brands like Brentwood, Decor-Rest, Amisco, and countless others, have decades of experience producing high-quality and fashionable furniture that is made in Canada.


Canadian furniture is quality furniture.


Brands like Durham, Future Fine Furniture, and many others, are focused on sustainability and being environmentally-friendly. Products are made with eco-friendly materials, including organic cotton fabrics and sustainably harvested maple, cherry, and ash. Many manufacturers also offer solid wood products — no veneer or particle board filled with synthetic glues. Other brands build products using soy-based polyfoam, which is free from harmful chemicals.


Canadian furniture is in style.


Canadian furniture is very much in style and on trend. We have internationally respected designers who are creating truly beautiful and comfortable furniture that is suitable for real life. Canadian designs range from classic to contemporary and can transform your space without breaking your budget.


Buying ‘Made in Canada’ furniture supports the Canadian economy.


The Canadian furniture industry is 97% Canadian-owned and employs more than 100,000 people across the country. We are the 5th largest exporter of furniture in the world and exported more than $5 billion in furniture products in 2015. Consumers looking for fashionable and quality furniture are turning to Canada.


Smitty’s Fine Furniture is proud to showcase Canadian furniture in our showrooms and galleries. As we say in our tagline, it’s ‘For the LOVE of Canadian Furniture’.


Visit a Smitty’s showroom today and check out our fantastic Canadian-made furniture.

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Palliser Gallery at Smitty’s Fine Furniture

​If you’re looking for the ultimate in relaxing furniture and a place to unwind, Palliser has all the furniture you need.


With a wide range of sofas and sectionals, and their incredible line of high quality recliners and home theatre seating, Palliser is your go-to furniture brand for quality and comfort.


You can see this for yourself in the Palliser gallery at Smitty’s Fine Furniture, opening next month!


Palliser Gallery


Smitty’s is excited to announce they will soon be home to The Palliser Gallery of furniture.


This exclusive gallery will feature the largest selection of Palliser in the region.


Smitty’s customers will have access to an amazing array of furniture, including the new Inspiration line and the luxury, powered, home theatre furniture.


There are many reasons to be excited, here are a couple of our favourites:


The Inspiration line offers fully customizable pieces unlike anything Palliser has offered in the past. For example, if you are interested in a Palliser sofa, you can select: the arm style, the leg height and shape, the sofa shape and size, and the fabric. In the Palliser Gallery, Smitty’s customers will be able to create the pieces they’ve always wanted, and with ease. It’s amazing!


Smitty’s will also offer the largest selection of Palliser Home Theatre Seating around! Renown for their exceptional quality of home theatre powered recliners, these incredibly comfortable seats are available in two-seat and three-seat varieties, and are available in a wide range of leathers, microfibres, and fabrics. Get your popcorn ready!

Come and visit the Kitchener and Hanover Smitty’s Fine Furniture stores today, and check out the amazing Palliser Gallery.

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How Construction Makes a Difference in Your Furniture

Couple reflects on how construction makes a difference for their furniture in Canada

At Smitty’s Fine Furniture in Kitchener and Hanover, we strongly believe in providing our customers with high quality, Canadian-made furniture. Our commitment to selling quality furniture is why we are passionate about well constructed furniture.


Pro Tip:  A well-built piece of furniture makes all the difference. Well-built furniture is not just made to last, it’s also made to keep you and your family comfortable by employing the best construction techniques.


When it comes to the best furniture construction, it’s hard to beat Decor-Rest. Their furniture uses the following methods to create durable, long-lasting furniture of the highest comfort:

  • Hardwood frames are built using select North American maple or birch hardwood, corners are double-dowelled, corner blocked, glued and secured with screws. This method of construction will ensure you don’t have wobbly arms or backs on your furniture!
  • Reinforced webbing on the outside arm and outside back means greater value for you.
  • Stabilizer bars are used on the front and back rails for warp-free stability and exceptional durability.
  • Combine traditional hand-crafted expertise with advanced technology with only the best fabrics for quality and durability, and designs are above industry standard warranties.
  • Arms are padded for extra comfort and decks are fully covered and padded, demonstrating attention to detail.
  • All seating is sprung with 8-gauge no-sag sinuous spring construction, and all sofas and loveseats have sling spring for extra support — so when you sit in the corner of the sofa, you don’t fall in!
  • Environmental green soya foam is used in all Decor-Rest styles without chlorofluorocarbons and is highly resilient, abundant, domestically grown and sustainable.

These are just some of the ways that Decor-Rest produces high quality, incredibly comfortable and expertly built furniture that lasts.


By carrying these and other high quality, Canadian-made products, Smitty’s Fine Furniture ensures that our customers are only ever offered the best selection and can rest assured that their investment in great furniture will pay off for years to come.

Have questions about our furniture? Contact Smitty’s Fine Furniture today, or visit us at one of our locations!

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Introducing the New Studio Line

Presenting a taste of Trendline's new Studio Collection.


Inspired by mid century modern era, clean lines and exposed, espresso finished legs. Not only is this collection available in sofa, loveseat, condo sofa and chair, but also a Left Hand Facing or Right Hand Facing Studio Sofa; a very interesting piece consisting of 2 cushions up, 2 cushions down, one arm and a bumper.



The perfect choice for quality, harmony and modern living, Trend-Line™ designs contemporary furniture for the way you live.


Why not visit Smitty's to view the large array of decorator fabrics suitable for any decor.

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Relaxed Sophistication

Colour, colour, colour!


Fall in love with colour.  Pick your favourite colour in your artwork and build from there. Whether the sofa is black, brown, grey or beige colour brings the room to life.



Accessories can easily be changed with every different season or holiday, to bring in the feeling you are wanting to achieve.


 Turquoise is vibrant, calming and healing, and tranquil. Dare I say, happy. Purple is creative, mysterious, magical, and regal. Pairing both colours together lifts yours spirits and calms your soul bringing your room into relaxed sophistication.



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Bermex - Design it your Way!

My favourite dining furniture is Bermex.  Founded in 1983 in Quebec, Canada, Bermex is the leading manufacturer of personalized, select-grade solid birch diningrom, bistro tables and bar stools.  



All Bermex furniture is made from solid birch from North America. Experience the unparalleled uniqueness of solid birch.  Each piece of wood used to create your furniture has its own distinct look and personality, with its own variations in grain and colour, soit can never be duplicated because every tree is unique.




  • Coming from North America, it is perfectly adapted to our climate
  • Kiln dried to 7% humidity to help prevent warping
  • Can be repaired and restored to its original beauty

By choosing Bermex, you are assured of quality craftsmanship and a superior finish on a high end Canadian-made product. 


With 5 styles to choose from:  Contemporary, Transitional, Traditional, American Country and French Country, Bermex allows you to stay true to your creative vision within your world.  


You can choose from:

  • More than 400 chair and bar stool models
  • More than 80 table sizes (also custom order)



  • More than 143 different finishes and colours
  • More than 190 fabrics and leathers



Bermex offers 10 different leg options and several choices in table edge profiles and aprons. Countless styles of chairs, counter stools and barstools are available in wood, fabric or leather.  Complete your custom look with matching buffets, hutches, kitchen islands and benches. 



Come on in for a visit and let me help you put together a beautiful room that reflects your personality and lifestyle.


At Smitty's we love to hear back from our customers.

Why not send us some of your ideas and pictures.


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My Comfort by Palliser - Sleep Better

Yes Virginia - There is such a thing as a stylish comfortable sofabed!!!


Palliser has done what most thought was impossible. They have designed the easiest, most comfortable sofabed you have EVER seen or slept on.



Let's start with how this looks. It is a classic, timeless design in your choice of fabric of leather. It will easily fit into a stylish condo or a century home. We can easily customize this piece to fit into your home but that is not new.



How it opens and sleeps is what is making it so exciting. Imagine opening your sofabed with one hand, not having to find a place for the pillows, no straining and pulling. It glides open with ease that makes opening it an absolute pleasure.


The My Comfort premium mattress  has a gel infused memory foam layer over a high resilience foam core. It is so amazingly comfortable that you will happily give up your master bedroom and choose to sleep on the sofabed. It is totally possible to have a sofabed that your company will love, that you can put anywhere and be comfortable using it as piece of furniture in your home and it looks amazing as well.


This is definitely something that you need to experience.


Warning: This sofabed will cause your company to stay comfortably and maybe longer than expected.


Also available at Smitty's:







My Comfort sleepers are available in three sizes:


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Canadian Made Solid Wood Bedrooms, Customized Just For You!!

Have you been searching for the just right bedroom suite but found that there was always something that you wished could be customized just for you!


At Smitty’s we are thrilled to announce that you can! Without having to give up the quality of Canadian made, solid wood, you can personalize your style, colours and decorative handles.


Imagine having all the storage you could ever want as well. Now you can have underbed storage with 2 or 4 drawers or opt for the new LIFT bed and have the entire space below your bed to store out of season items, files, clothing or anything else you need to store. This exciting new product line called Perfect Balance is from your trusted Durham Furniture. It is designed to meet your space, price and storage needs all with the quality that you demand.


Hurry to your nearest Smitty’s store and see how we can save you time, money and space and still customize to your taste and individual home that you have come to expect with Smitty’s Fine Furniture.


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