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For the Love of Canadian Furniture
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Smitty's Philosophy

At Smitty’s we care about our customers. We are proud to offer high-quality products and excellent, personable service.


We know that many businesses say that they care about your needs and what they are offering — but often it’s just marketing. At Smitty’s, we walk the talk.


We won’t sell you something that you don’t want, don’t need, can’t afford, and won’t work in your space. We will take the time to discuss your unique situation and we will work with you to bring your goals and inspiration to life.


Smitty’s has a long-standing history of demonstrating our caring approach and we have the experienced and dedicated team to make this a reality every day.


Here are a few highlights that make up our Smitty’s Philosophy:


Smitty’s Mission

  • To deliver the ‘Smitty’s Experience’ every time with HEART!

Our HEART values are:

  • Honesty
  • Enjoyable Experience
  • All About the Customer’s Home
  • Respect
  • Timeliness

Smitty’s Vision


To be seen as the best choice for quality furnishings and a better buying experience.


The Smitty’s Advantage

  • Customer satisfaction and tremendous value are our trademarks.
  • Showrooms feature creative, full room settings so you can visualize how the product will look in your home.
  • Sales consultants are relationship builders, and are passionate about decorating.
  • Offer full delivery and setup of everything we sell to a wide area surrounding our stores.
  • Smitty's business was built by providing consistent and unparalleled service in our showroom right through to our one year in-home warranty promise.

Interior Decorator Consulting


Smitty’s has full-time, certified, interior decorators on our team to support you in making the right decisions for your space.


A Smitty's Decorating Consultant can help you create a new love by refreshing an old room, or make your inspiration come to life in a new space.

  • We will look for functional elements, like traffic flow.
  • Creating the right ambiance, with focal points, texture, and colour.
  • Working with a theme, like contemporary style or reading room.
  • Making it work, with balance and symmetry.
  • On time and within budget, to make sure you can live your life.



At Smitty’s, we take our social responsibility and the needs of our community seriously. We encourage all our customers to donate their gently used furniture to those less fortunate. Here are some suggestions where you can donate your used furniture:

  • Habitat for Humanity - ReStore
  • Recovery Room Shop
  • Society of Saint Vincent de Paul
  • Furniture Bank
  • Goodwill
  • Women’s Shelters

We also regularly support events throughout our community including:

  • CMHA- Canadian Mental Health Association
  • Skills for Safer Living- Kitchener
  • Wes for Youth
  • The Grand River Hospital Foundation
  • The Women’s Centre Grey & Bruce Inc.
  • Women’s Crisis Services
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Syrian Families in Hanover
  • Hanover and District Hospital Foundation
  • Cambridge Memorial Hospital
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters- Hanover
  • The Hospital Activity Book for Children
  • Lions Club International Dog Guides
  • Participation Lodge
  • And many more.

Our business was built by providing consistent and unparalleled service one family at a time. Come and visit us at Smitty’s — we look forward to helping you with HEART.

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Smitty’s Fine Furniture’s Room Planner

Person designing their home with room planner at Smitty's Fine Furniture ​We’ve all been’re browsing Pinterest for design inspiration when you see the perfect piece of furniture for your space. Whether it’s a sofa, accent chair, media furniture, or an accessory, you just have to have it.


But in our quest to make our homes Pinterest-perfect, we often don’t stop to consider what each piece of furniture will look like in our space, or if it will even fit.


Enter the room planner from Smitty’s Fine Furniture. Our room planner is available online 24 hours a day, seven days a week — so it’s perfect for those late-night Pinning sessions. It’s also easy to use. Here’s how:


Getting started


When you open Smitty’s room planner, you’re given two options.


#1- You can select a pre-measured bedroom, dining room, or living room layout that matches one in your home.


#2 - You can choose to build your own, custom layout.


Simply get the measurements of the room you want to decorate, enter them into the room planner, and select the room shape that best matches your room.


Make the room your own


Whether you choose the custom room option or pre-measured rooms, there are more ways to make the room your own.


Take stock of where the doors, windows, power outlets, and other structural features are located throughout the room. This will help you with deciding where furniture and accessories can go, without getting in the way.


Furnishing your room


Once you have the technical parts of your room down, you can start furnishing!


Choose from a wide range of styles and shapes to build the perfect space for you.


It’s easy to drag and drop furniture to place it where you want it, and you can experiment by rotating each piece and tweaking its positioning. You can also adjust the size of each piece of furniture to match the piece you have your eye on. If it doesn’t fit, just choose another piece and work within the confines of your space. It’ll save you a lot of heartache.


Come into Smitty’s


Designing the room of your dreams with Smitty’s room planner is easy — and it doesn’t stop there. Once you have a room plan that you’re happy with, print it off and bring it into our Hanover or Kitchener location, (or email it to us), our highly trained team will be happy to help you find the furniture to match your space.


Check out the room planner from Smitty’s Fine Furniture and get started on your new space!

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Interior Decorating: You Don’t Have to Do It Yourself, Smitty’s is Here to Help!

Whether you’re redecorating your entire home or just focusing on one room, it can be tempting to take a do-it-yourself approach to decorating. In fact, many of us don’t even consider consulting with a professional.


At Smitty’s Fine Furniture, our team of expert decorators can help you plan and execute the room, or home, of your dreams.


Define Your Priorities


At Smitty’s, our decorators can help you every step of the way. First, we’ll help you define your priorities, like:

  • What do you want to use your space for?
  • What elements are important to you?
  • What style of decorating do you prefer?

By asking questions like these, we can help determine how to get started on your decorating project.


Scope Out the Project


Once we have an idea of the type of space you want, we then work with you to scope out the project. Having a general idea helps us to really get down to the details of your space. We also use this step to determine your budget, which we will use to figure out the details of the space.


Another important aspect of our design services is providing you with ideas you may not have considered. Whether it’s incorporating additional functional elements like storage in unique and hidden places, or guiding you toward a sectional sofa that can easily be added to, our designers are here to help turn your space into the room of your dreams.


Plan & Execute the Final Project


In addition to all of the features that you want and need in your space, another important consideration is making sure the space flows and has a functional layout. By combining furniture layouts with symmetry, asymmetry, accessories and more, we can create a space that feels cohesive and serves both a functional and aesthetic purpose.

Have questions about our decorating services? Contact our team today!

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Odd Shaped Livingroom



I am planning on buying new living room furniture. My living room is a very odd shape (22.5 x 12) and I have never been too happy with the arrangement of furniture.

Can I fax my layout to get some advice on the pieces that would look best? I am finding it difficult to choose my furniture style without first knowing how it will be placed in my living room.

I have two round glass end tables and an oval coffee table that I don't plan on replacing.

Thanking you in advance for any advice you are able to provide.


Smitty's Solution:

Hi Susan: Thanks for your fax.

I put your room dimensions on my computer and placed the furnishings you are suggesting.

Your plan is very good! I like the arrangement and flexibility.

You can rearrange your room in several different ways with a sofa and 3 chairs.

 # 1 is your plan. I e-mailed this to you today!

 # 2 is to place the two matching chairs side by side where the loveseat was previously located and place the wing chair between the fireplace and TV stand, sofa stays where it is.

 # 3 is to place the sofa where the loveseat was previously located and put the two matching chairs where the sofa is currently located (facing the fireplace).

 So you have the best of all worlds with these furniture choices! The next step is to select a suitable colour scheme for your new sofa and chairs. Since you are keeping your wing chair it would be helpful if you could bring a sample of the fabric to our showroom. A photo of the chair for style consideration would also be helpful. I would also want to know the colour of your walls and what type of flooring as well.

Brentwood have so many amazing fabrics I know we can find something lovely for your room.


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Furniture Suggestions for Best Layout


I have a room 18ft by 12’10”. Fireplace in the middle of one of the long walls and a patio door and window on same wall. The other long wall has an arched entrance and two half walls with pillars. Length of half walls is 66” to the start of the pillars and 79” to the end of the pillars. We have a 55” TV on a stand currently at one end of the room. Looking for suggestions on type of furniture to put in the room re couch, chair, loveseat?? Probably want to have comfortable family type of furniture. e.g. recliner or sectional or something like that but open to suggestions.

Any ideas you could give?



Smitty's Solution:

Thanks for your e-mail.

Based on your room description I have created a room plan and used three different furniture arrangements to give you some ideas. I e-mailed these plans to you.


Please let me know if you require any additional information. I would certainly be pleased to assist you in our Cambridge showroom.
Thanks again for your interest.

Kindest Regards,


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New Home = New Style of Living



We have had Smitty’s furniture for 30 years and have recently bought a new home in a very different style. We will be replacing the dining table, chairs and sideboard and we wonder if its important in an open plan dining area to have the sideboard slightly higher than the table as a visual thing? I ask this because we are having difficulty seeing a sideboard that matches the table we like but we like the lower console table.

Thank you, I am excited to start buying!



Smitty's Solution:


Thanks for your e-mail. If you are having difficulty finding a taller sideboard for your space you can add height to the lower console table with accessories.


For example, a mirror or picture hung above will add height. Another approach could be to place taller accessories on the console perhaps a lamp or two.


We have an amazing selection of Dining Room furniture at Smitty's! Bermex is a wonderful Canadian company offering the very best value on Canadian Made Solid wood tables, chairs and sideboards.




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Pets and Leather Furniture


 really love leather furniture but we have pets. Two dogs and a cat to be precise. I just don't know how leather would stand up under those conditions. Would the Bonded or Bi-Cast leathers be better or should I stick to fabric?


Smitty's Solution:

Leather is a very durable covering and will stand up well in a busy space but it's not indestructible. It is great for cleaning the pet hair and dog drool but could mark from their claws. Dog claws are not as sharp as cats and if your cat likes to sharpen its claws on the furniture it will leave marks. Top grain leather is much stronger than Bonded or Bi-Cast leathers and I would recommend it over the latter. I have had leather in my home for many years and have always had dogs in my house. Never have I had an issue with them but you would know your pets personality better than I. If your pet is not overly rambunctious on the furniture I would say go for the leather and just keep them off of it or put down a throw if they are going to curl up on it with you.

The "4FORMS" collection would be a great choice. There are 4 arms styles to choose from and they come in modular pieces so you can configure it to fit your room and lifestyle. They have many leather grades and colours to pick from and best of all they are Canadian made!








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Incorporating a Large Screen TV in Your LIving Space


I have  just purchased a new large screen tv and hate how it makes my room look and feel. I live in a small retirement home and my tv needs to be in my living room but I do not want to lose my intimate conversation areas. How can I have both?



Smity's Solution:

It is possible to have it all by choosing the right sized pieces that fit the right scale of your room. I have selected  an entertainment unit that will hold all of your electronics and be as unobtrusive as possible along with 2 club chairs and a sofa. You will notice from the drawing that your intimate conversation area is still feasible but so is watching tv as well.


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Small Space - Big Style

When decorating a small space it is crucial to consider how the space is being used.


Everything should have a  dual purpose and be able to be moved with ease.   It is often a challenge to try to maximize the use of the space.    I  recommend spending the most money on the items you use the most.


Lifestyle would also be one of the most important issues to consider, if you eat in front of the television perhaps a lift top cocktail table with storage or an upholstered ottoman with storage that could also be used for additional seating if necessary.  The Sonno ottoman from Marzilli conceals a twin bed for overnight guests. 


An expandable dining table with perhaps a bench for extra seating that could easily tuck under the table, the bench could also be used in the living space for additional seating or at the end of a bed when not needed in the eating area.


Custom tables from Canadian manufacturer, Bermex allow you to design the size of your table to suit your own personal space. 


An apartment size sofa with a sofabed, a bed with under bed storage drawers or a Murphy wall bed is also a good choice for extra storage in a smaller space.  Perfect Balance bedroom suites from Durham Furniture are high quality solid wood bedroom furniture made in Canada that are designed for smaller space living.  Most of the bedroom sets include options for under-bed storage and a unique storage lift bed rounds out a broad selection of bed styles and sizes.



Leggier sofa and chair styles also seem to consume less space than items that are skirted or sit low to the ground.  The Canadian Made,  Condo Living Collection from Decor-rest offers a wide variety of styles and fabrics to choose from. 



Mirrors, large art work or wall hangings as well as the use of color may make the room feel bigger and more dramatic. The impact of fewer larger items rather than several smaller items will seem less cluttered.



Less is always better, try to utilize larger or taller items with ample storage with dual functionality. A taller chest of drawers could also house extra bed linens, as well as any household items.


I always giggle when I watch Sex and the CITY and see how Carrie stores her sweater collection in her oven, how creative.



Be sure to visit Smitty's Pinterest board for more style solutions for Small Space Living 



Have a decorating dilemma?

Why not Ask A Smitty's Decorator




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Smitty's take on freestanding kitchen storage

Expand your kitchen workspace and storage space with movable islands, bars, and racks that can store pots, pans, and other kitchenware. Many of us have the same dilemma in the kitchen: not enough storage or prep space. At Smitty's there are plenty of temporary solutions, at many price points that you can take with you if you move.


Creating freestanding kitchen storage is easy and fun and the perfect way to maximize your kitchen space.


If you don't have a large kitchen, you can still fit in a narrow island for more counter space. This table from Universal has 2 leaves that fold out, providing extra prep space or seating. Matching chairs are available and can be tucked in. A great solution for a small house or apartment.



There are affordable solutions if your kitchen doesn't have a built in kitchen island. Free standing kitchen islands provide the perfect alternative and will give you extra space for storing spices and dishes not to mention the additional food prep space. This island from Legacy Classic Furniture offers a space saving 11" drop leaf, 5 storage drawers, 2 adjustable shelves and has a built in wine rack. Also, it will seat 2 pub chairs.


The Paula Deen - Riverhouse, kitchen island by Universal Furniture features a stainless metal top, slide out table with casters, 2 doors and 2 metal storage bins.



Kitchen islands by Bermex, provide the look of built in. Available with butcher block or regular top, adjustable sliding top, 1-4 adjustable shelves and a 16 bottle wine rack if desired. Bermex is a Canadian company, manufacturing solid wood casual and formal dining furniture. There are an endless variety of colours and finishes.





Wine and bar cabinets from Howard Miller provide plenty of space for glasses, drinks and other entertaining essentials. These islands allow you to put your best bottles on display.




A Cramco classic baker's rack will provide extra storage for dish towels, cookbooks and more. It can also double as a mini bar.




If you're looking to add a customized look in personal storage,  Howard Miller offers a range of stylish, tall cabinets to help you easily store
and access all your kitchenware.





Find all of your kitchen and dining necessities in one convenient spot with cabinet storage from the Paula Deen's River House and Down Home collections. 




Whether your requirements are for storage or extra space, you can depend on Smitty's talented sales staff to fulfill your needs.




Become our pin pal and discover more great home décor trends and style ideas


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