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Top Holiday Decor Trends for the Holiday Season

Living room with examples of top holiday decor trends

Every year it feels like a new challenge. What do I need to prepare in my home to host the best holiday gathering ever? How can I be the ‘host with the most’?


There are a million considerations when getting your home ready to host friends and family for a special occasion. Sometimes it’s hard to know how to prioritize everything that you want to do, and need to do, before your doorbell rings.


At Smitty’s, we get a lot of questions from customers about what they can do to spruce up their homes for the holidays. Styles and trends change, but we’ve done some digging and are happy to let you know the top decor trends for this holiday season. We hope this helps!


Coat Trees

Coat hanger shaped like a tree

The coat tree has a long history and dates back to the Victorian era, when people would showcase their social position and exhibit their wealth by hanging the latest style of coats and hats in the front hallway.


The coat tree has come back into style — not so much to show off your style, but because it’s very practical and helpful.


The first thing people do when they enter your home is look for a place to hang their coats, scarves, and hats. Instead of taking coats and piling them all in a big heap on someone’s bed, a coat tree will keep coats hanging separately and organized. It will also make it easier for guests to retrieve their belongings as they leave.


This year, Smitty’s is excited to have coat trees in our showroom. Made from solid metal, this coat tree is stylish and sturdy and a great addition to your entryway.


Candle Holders

Candle holders made from metal

Candles are making a big comeback. The natural glow that candles provide will add warmth to any room in your home.


This year’s trend is to mix and match candles and candle holders. While you may wish to keep the colour or metal the same when candle holders are grouped together, mixing different sizes and shapes will create dynamic focal points on your dining table, console tables/side tables, and mantles.


If you have draperies, children, or pets, you may wish to consider getting battery operated candles for your votives and candle holders. There are some battery operated candles that are very realistic and will safely shine in your home, without the worry of anything catching fire.


Throw Cushions

Living room with throw cushions on a couch

Adding pops of design and colour throughout your home is definitely on-trend this season. Throw cushions are an easy way to accomplish this trend.


Throw cushions will add comfort and a touch of fun to your living room, den, bedrooms, and even dining room — for added whimsy, you could have a different throw cushion for each guest at your table.


When hosting guests for an overnight, adorning the guest bedroom with colourful throw pillows is a detail that will surely make them smile.


Available in a variety of fabrics, you can mix and match colours, designs, and textures.

Come and visit Smitty’s to find all the final touches you need for your holiday decor.

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Stay Stress-Free During the Holidays

Woman sitting on leather couch enjoys stress free holidays

How is it December already? I have so much to do! I have so much to plan! How am I going to get everything done in time?


Does this sound familiar to you?


The holiday season is a fun time for many people. It’s a time to get together with friends and family, share some laughs, enjoy some tasty food, and make memories. For others, it’s a time of worry and stress.


The team at Smitty’s understands this seasonal stress and how it can make you feel anxious, exhausted, and worried. Here are a few tips to help you reduce your stress during the holidays:


Don’t worry about everything being perfect.

  • There’s no such thing as perfection. Trying to make your home look like a high-end magazine and your food look like it’s from a Michelin star restaurant is not reasonable. Your family and your guests will love being together, and that’s what’s most important.

Ask for help.

  • It’s okay to ask for help. At this time of year, people often ask what they can do to help, or what they can bring to your home. Don’t be a hero and say, “Oh nothing. Just relax.” Accept an offer of help. People like to feel needed and it will ease your stress.

Take some time to relax.

  • No one can work all day and night. It’s important to take breaks and rest. Spend some time relaxing on your sofa, enjoying a movie or reading a book. Even short periods of rest can make a huge difference to your overall wellness.

Have some fun.

  • It’s a great time of year to enjoy quality time with friends and family. From tobogganing and skiing to playing games inside — whatever you enjoy, make some time to take part in fun activities and build new memories.

The team at Smitty’s wishes you a stress-free holiday and a Happy New Year.


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7 Ideas for DIY Holiday Decor

Merry Christmas poster shows some ideas for DIY holiday decor in CanadaGet into the holiday spirit this year with some DIY holiday decor! These fun projects will help turn your home into a festive space for entertaining and celebrating the holiday season.


Lighted Burlap Garland


Want something fun and different than your regular holiday string lights? Try your hand at this festive burlap garland, with lights included! The three colours of burlap will add festive cheer to your home while the lights will bring some ambience to your home. The best part is that it’s fully customizable, so you can choose the colours that fit with your holiday decor theme!


“Let It Snow” Woodland Sign


Beckon the snow for a white Christmas with this stunning woodland sign. It’s perfect for hanging on your front porch or atop your fireplace mantel, and will take you through the holidays and into the later winter months. You can hand write your own sign or use a stencil, and you can choose a different phrase to suit your style!


Popsicle Stick Snowflakes


This simple and fun DIY is something you can do with the whole family! With a little bit of spray paint in the colours of your choice, you can easily turn simple popsicles into beautiful snowflakes to hang on your walls.


DIY Christmas Wreath


Wreaths are so quintessential for the holiday season, so try out this beautiful DIY Christmas wreath that is sure to stand out from the rest. This version is on the larger scale, so feel free to scale it down to fit on your front door!


Pine Cone Bow Ornament


These pine cone bow ornaments are equal parts rustic and elegant! They’re super easy and look great on any tree, no matter what your decor style!


DIY Pallet Christmas Tree


Build yourself an extra Christmas tree out of a simple wooden pallet. Simply use a saw to cut the pallet into a triangular shape, then decorate with paint, ribbons or whatever other crafts you want to use! Check out what others have done by clicking the link above — or watch for these trees outside of Smitty's in Kitchener!



Evergreen Candles


These candle holders are so cozy and elegant - they’re the perfect addition to any centerpiece or mantel! The evergreen pieces are on the outside of the candle holder, so you won’t have to worry about potential fire hazards.

Check out our Pinterest page to see more decorating ideas from Smitty’s Fine Furniture in Kitchener and Hanover!

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Christmas Crafts - In-Store Seminar

Examples of Christmas Crafts in the Smity's Fine Furniture Seminar in KitchenerNeed to spruce up your house for Christmas? If you’re feeling crafty (or looking to stick to your budget), come on down to our Christmas Crafts workshop!


What: In-Store Seminar - Christmas Crafts

Where: 170 Gateway Park Drive, Kitchener, Ontario

When: Tuesday, December 13th from 2pm-3pm & from 6pm - 7pm


Our next In-Store Seminar will help you create some fun Christmas crafts for the home! Supplies and direction will be provided by the Smitty’s team. This seminar and the workshop materials are our gift to you!


This year, every participant will leave with their very own Christmas-Themed Table Runner. These are great for adding a personal touch to your dining room — or keeping the table clean during those long Christmas dinners with the family!


Feel free to come with Christmas decorating questions for our interior decorators! They love helping out with ideas and suggestions for the holiday season :)

Sign up for our event on Facebook for reminders & updates on the seminar!

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Company Is Coming: Preparing Your Home with the Right Furniture

Family eats Christmas dinner around a dining room table from Smitty's Fine Furniture in Kitchener

It’s hard to believe, but the winter holidays are almost here! It’s a time for celebrating the season with friends and family - and inevitably having a house full of guests. If you’re hosting company this holiday season, it’s important to make sure everyone is comfortable and feels at home, which means having the right furniture.




Sofabeds are a great space-saving option for smaller houses - or if your house is bursting at the seams with guests! Sofabeds are sofas by day and beds by night, making it easy and convenient to turn your basement or living room into a temporary bedroom for someone.  


Having a sofabed also allows you to keep your common areas tidy and maintain their number one use. The bed can be tucked away quickly and easily, so you can get your living room back to normal for having a holiday party or sitting down to watch your favourite holiday movie.


Accent Chairs


With a house full of guests, it’s important that you have ample seating to accommodate everyone. If your sofa just isn’t going to be enough this year, consider adding a beautiful accent chair to your living room, basement or TV room.


Accent chairs are easy to place in a corner wherever you have some extra space. Plus, they look great and add even more style to your home.


Dining Sets


Whether you have a house full of guests or just a couple of close family members visiting you this holiday season, a dining set really sets the tone for your big holiday dinner. And no matter what the size and shape of your dining room, there’s a dining set for your needs! From square to rectangular to circular, compact tables to extendable tables, farmhouse style or modern, it’s never been easier to shop for the perfect dining table for your home.




After those big holiday meals, chances are your guests might want to take a nap! Keep them comfortable with a recliner. We carry a wide range of recliners in different shapes, styles, materials and colours to fit your space. They’re also great for watching your favourite Christmas movie!

At Smitty’s Fine Furniture in Kitchener and Hanover, we carry the top Canadian-made brands of sofabeds, recliners, accent chairs and dining sets like Palliser, Simmons and Decor-Rest, so you know you’re getting the highest quality products.


Check out our selection online or come into one of our store locations today!

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The store is looking so festive

The entire staff have been working tirelessly around the clock to decorate and show you the latest decorating trends not only in furniture but also with our festive season. You will see bright peacock colours of blue, purple and lime green mixing together. Trees that are overstuffed with large scale decorations.


The room decorations are grouped together the same way
 we would group a collection to give that updated and contemporary look
 to our traditional Christmas season.



  Sparkle and bright colours are every where you look. 



Drop in and get some fresh ideas that you can bring to your own home.




Come and celebrate the holiday season with us. Steal the inspiration that our Interior Decorators have done so well for you to take home with you.


For more festive decorating ideas

visit us on Pinterest



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Smitty's 12 Hot Spots for Holiday Decorating

The holidays are upon us! As soon as the air chills at night, we know it's time for fall decorating. Of course, fall and winter decorating isn't limited to Halloween,


Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas. Celebrating the seasons with their change of weather and colours, is a great family activity too.


Decorations don't have to be elaborate. Simple touches include foliage, a seasonal tablecloth and twinkling lights. Here are some areas around the house you can easily decorate with garland, wreaths, fall fruit and lights.



1. Front Door. A beautiful wreath welcomes the holiday season. From September on you can include fall leaves, twigs, fruit and ribbon.



photo credit:             photo credit:  Angela Ostner

2.  Mailbox.  Create a warm welcome for visitors and the mail carrier with garland, bright ribbon and twinkling lights.






















photo credit: Traditional Spaces by Smyrna Closet & Home Storage Designers Truorder
3.  Lamppost.  Greet guests and family in front of the house with some seasonal flair on the exterior lighting.  This works for porch lights and chandeliers over tables.  Fresh foliage looks warm and inviting in the low light.  Why not take a family excursion into the woods to collect greenery?  Entice the family with hot cocoa and cookies.


photo credit:  Traditional Entry
4.  Front Porch.  Whether you have a small or large porch, make way for fresh greenery, garlands, twinkling lights, and ribbon.


photo credit:  Angela Ostner


photo credit:  Traditional Porch by Athens Photographers Corynne Pless


5.  Entry Table.  An entry table is a great place to display holiday photos of family and friends.  It also serves as a convenient platform for greeting cards.  Hang a wreath from the mirror too!!


photo credit: Traditional Spaces by Palm Beach Gardens Artists & Artisans Cloth & Patina
6.  Stair Rail.  What says "holidays" more than a seasonal garland on a stair rail?  A stair rail can often be seen from the front door, so garland here adds to the warm feeling of coming home for the holidays.


Eclectic Staircase by Little Rock Interior Designers & Decorators Tobi Fairley Interior Design   
7.  Mantel.  Perhaps the most traditional space to decorate.  Its a prime location for fresh greens, pinecones, oversized christmas ornaments, candles and twinkling lights.
photo credit:  


Traditional Dining Room by Dc Metro Interior Designers & Decorators BROWN DAVIS INTERIORS, INC.
8.  Dining Table.  Its as simple as getting out those candles and pairing them with a beautiful runner and seasonal foliage


 photo credit: Eclectic Dining Room by Columbus Photographers Julie Ranee Photography
9.  Back of a Chair.  Make your meal table inviting and warm with a special touch for family or guests on the chair backs.


photo credit: Rustic Dining Room by Webb City Media & Bloggers Michelle Edwards
10.  Powder Room.  A perfect place for really having fun.  Switch out towels to seasonal colours and include some holiday scented candles, like cranberry and cinnamon.


photo credit: Traditional Spaces by Detroit Interior Designers & Decorators The Yellow Cape Cod
11. Kitchen Counter.  The kitchen is the heart of the home.  Everyone gathers there in the morning and evening.  Winter fruit is really delicious and colorful.  Pomegranates, figs, persimmons.  Arrange these in a beautiful bowl or basket with dried fruit to create a seasonal display.  Don't forget to eat the fruit!


photo credit: Eclectic Dining Room by Brooklyn Photographers Rikki Snyder
12.  Coffee Table.  A coffee table is a favourite spot to display fresh flowers, seasonal candles and holiday books.


photo credit: Contemporary Living Room by New York Interior Designers & Decorators Glenn Gissler Design
Above all, have fun and share the season with family and friends.

At Smitty's we love to hear back from our customers. 

Why not send us some of your ideas and pictures.

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