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Bold Furniture — How To Make It Work

Large wooden, rustic entertainment unit in a modern living room

The famous American poet, Robert Frost, is quoted as saying, “Freedom lies in being bold.” While he was likely referencing the power of the written word, and not furniture, there is truth in this statement when it comes to your home. We encourage you to move away from being timid in your design choices and be bold.


Being bold is empowering, it demonstrates strength, and it allows for creative design. Bold can refer to colour, style, size, or even the placement of furniture and decor — and it’s definitely not something to be afraid of.


At Smitty’s, we often get questions from customers who are nervous about purchasing larger furniture pieces or dramatically designed pieces. In this blog, we hope to inspire you with some tips on how to make bold furniture work in your home.


Bold Designs

Modern glass and metal shelf with two layers and funky design


Not every home is bright or airy or spacious — but every home has the potential to show off its unique features by accenting the space with bold designs.


A bold design could be an artistically crafted console table (as with this gorgeous Hooker Furniture table above), or it can be colourful area rug or glam floor lamp.


Here are some simple ways to bring some bold design into your space without breaking your budget or completely redesigning your space:


Colourful and metallic accent piecesGlass and brassy gold candle hurricanes

Start small by adding a combination of colourful or metallic decorative pieces. These decor elements can be placed on side tables, coffee tables, bookshelves, dining tables, counters, and more.



Contemporary, colourful artwork with a white mat and black frame


Changing your wall art can instantly refresh your entire room. Adding a strongly painted, colourful, or large painting is a great way to add some boldness into your space. You may also consider adding two or three smaller pieces and positioning them together as a group on your wall.


Coffee tables

Wood topped metal, rectangular coffee table with a funky design


Coffee tables are typically one of the focal points in your living room, which makes them an ideal piece to update with something bold. Consider glass, metal, wood, or a combination to make a strong statement.


Bold Furniture

Funky dining room with large bench and chairs and hanging lamps

If you are ready to replace larger furniture pieces in your home, then you have the opportunity to add some bold furniture and change the look and feel of your space.


The top furniture pieces that can help you make an instant statement in your home include:

  • Dining room table & chairs
  • Hutch
  • Living room entertainment console
  • Sofa
  • Bedroom suite

By updating these integral furniture pieces with new designs that offer bold features will give your home new life. It’s amazing the difference you can make by replacing a major item in the room.


In fact, often our customers will decide not to paint their rooms (saving themselves both hassle and money) because, after they’ve installed their new furniture, they discover that the whole room has changed for the better — and the painting project is no longer necessary.

Bed with wooden and fabric headboard and metal legs

For example, if you have a dark bedroom space, because of a darker paint on the walls or limited natural lighting, consider replacing your bedroom suite with a lighter coloured bed with a more pronounced headboard. A larger, bolder headboard will naturally draw your focus to the bed and surrounding furniture pieces, rather than the dark walls.


Whatever area of your home you are looking to update, don’t shy away from bold furniture. Making a strong choice in your design will showcase your space and will make you feel positive about your environment.

Visit us as Smitty’s and let’s update your home with some fantastic, bold furniture.

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Metal Accent Furniture

Contemporary grey sofa, teal accent chair, and glass and metal coffee table and side table.


Metal is making a comeback in a big way. Metal furniture is sturdy and stunning — and can be used in any room of your home. Adding metal accent furniture into your decor will breathe new life into your space. Here are some simple ways to update your home with metal accent furniture:


Metal Accent Tables

Contemporary living room with metal island table, stools, side tables, and area rug.

Coffee tables, side tables, island tables, and hallway entry tables are all excellent ways to bring metal into your space.


Metal furniture doesn’t mean dark grey, dull, and utilitarian. Metal tables come in a wide range of tones including: stainless steel, silver, champagne, gold, brass, copper, and bronze.


Here are some ways to add metal accent tables to your home:


Metal Accent Chairs, Dining Chairs, & Stools

Modern cream coloured, fabric accent chair with brass base.

Depending on which room in your home you are looking to update, you may consider accent chairs, dining chairs, or stools.


Accent chairs that feature metallic elements will add instant style to your room — and popular features include metal framing and nailheads.


Here are some ways to add metal accent chairs to your home:

  • Metal and fabric, metal and wood, and even solid metal chairs are an instant way to update your dining room. Brands like Amisco offer a huge selection of dining chairs to suit any style.
  • Accent chairs, featuring metal framing or nailheads, look great and provide comfort. These chairs can be placed in living rooms, bedrooms, home offices, and anywhere you might require additional seating. Brands like Decor-Rest offer gorgeously crafted pieces.
  • Metal stools and benches are very much on trend and can be used at kitchen islands, in home offices, kids’ rooms, and more. Brands like Artage and Amisco will inspire you.


No matter what room you are considering updating, we have something for everyone. Visit us at Smitty’s and check out our amazing selection of metal accent furniture.

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Go Big and Go Home — Don't Be Afraid of Larger Furniture




Large and luxurious are the two words most frequently used to describe furniture in 2018. Unlike the 1980s, when everything bigger was better, in 2018, it’s about suitable style and frugal luxury. Not everyone has large rooms to furnish, and that’s okay — even if you live in a condo or a home with small square footage, there are ways to achieve this large and luxurious look.


Here are two of our favourite ways to achieve this trending look in your home:


#1. Sectionals


Grey sectional



Sectionals are the big trend for sofas in 2018.


Sectionals allow you to have seating for everyone — and, if you have a smaller space, this extra seating capacity may allow you to remove an accent chair from your layout, which frees up floor space.


Sectionals come in a wide variety of shapes and configurations, including:

  • L-Shape 1: one side of the sectional extends outward, beyond the depth of the seating area (similar to a chaise)
  • L-Shape 2: two areas of seating are joined, making an L without either area extending
  • U-Shape: the seating is arranged with two areas extending on either side of the central section
  • Semi-Circular: the entire seating area is curved

Sectionals are also available in a range of styles. Popular styles include:

  • Contemporary and Modern: shorter profiles, crisp lines, and angular finishes
  • Traditional: higher profiles, curved arms or backs, and rounded finishes
  • Cottage and Coastal: skirted bottom fabric, thickly-padded cushions, and throw cushion accents

Brands like Decor-Rest, Craftmaster, and Future Fine Furniture offer a terrific selection of sectionals.


#2. Oversized Mirrors





























What pairs expertly with an oversized sofa or sectional? An oversized mirror!


Another trend that never goes out of style is placing a large mirror in your space, either as a focal point over your bed or sofa, resting on the floor beside a chair, or in your entryway.


An oversized mirror is great as an accent piece, as it helps to bring light into your space, and (depending on its location) it’s also handy to check your look before heading out the door.


Brands like Hooker Furniture, Surya, and Rustique have inspiring collections of beautiful mirrors to choose from. Rustique also manufactures mirrored furniture pieces. You’ll be wowed by their mirrored coffee tables, end tables, and buffets.


If you’re not sure what to choose to achieve a large and luxurious look and are looking for some inspiration, come and visit us at Smitty’s. Our expert decorators will guide you through all sorts of terrific options — they know what they’re doing — just take a look at this photo (showcasing 100% Smitty’s furniture and accessories) from Kathy’s living room!



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Functional Furniture

Example of functional furniture being used to hold laptop

Remember those awkward and ugly pieces of furniture that were in your grandparent’s house? You know the ones — the small seat and attached mini-table, where the telephone was located. The hutch that was only able to hold a few tea cups and nothing else. The television stand that had no place to store the remote or the VHS tapes.


Those pieces of furniture didn’t match any of the other furniture pieces in the room, they were really uncomfortable, and they were totally out of style — but it was forgivable because they had a purpose. They had a job and were functional.


Today, furniture with function doesn’t have to be utilitarian and uninspired. Now, functional furniture is beautifully designed and offers incredible storage benefits.


Here are some of the Smitty’s team’s favourite pieces of functional furniture.


Ottomans with Secret Storage

Ottoman with secret storage from Decor-Rest at Smitty's Fine Furniture

Decor-Rest logo

Storage ottomans come in all shapes, sizes, and fabrics. They are extremely handy to store useful items in your living room that you may not want on display. Now, instead of trying to dig your remote out from between your sofa cushions, you can place it neatly inside your ottoman!


Depending on your lifestyle, ottomans can be a comfortable place to rest your feet while relaxing on the sofa, or they can act as a low table for a tray with decor items.


Available in a range of widths and heights, be sure to check your space before shopping. You want to be sure it will fit in your living room and won’t get in the way of your other furniture.


Lift-Top Coffee Tables

Magnussen logo

Lift-top coffee tables have changed everything. This innovative design allows you to have hidden storage, visible storage, and a functional surface area.  


This lift-top table looks exactly like a regular coffee table until you raise the easy-to-use surface. The table will then provide you with a great desk for working, a table for eating while watching your favourite show, or a surface to play a game. It’s an amazingly versatile piece of furniture for your living room!


Available in a variety of styles and finishes, these cleverly-designed coffee tables are terrific space savers.


Beverage Consoles

Beverage console from Howard Miller at Smitty's Fine Furniture

Howard Miller logo

It’s great to have your glassware, beverage accessories, and bottles handy — and what better way than to store them in a beautifully crafted console.


Available in an array of styles with solid wood or glass doors, glassware shelving, and bottle shelving, these are not your parents’ hutches.


Stylish and functional, these consoles offer an easy way to stay engaged with your company, while preparing a beverage. No more leaving the room and missing out on the conversation, the movie, or the game.

Smitty’s has an array of functional furniture to choose from. Come and visit us today to see how we can help you make your space look stylish and functional!


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Living Room Design Trends

Living room design trends from Smitty's Fine Furniture

Decor-Rest Furniture logo

This year, living room design trends are focused on three main styles: modern, urban, and glam. Featuring fresh takes on classic styles, mixing of metal and wood, and furniture that is comfortable and functional — this is what 2017 living rooms are all about.


More than ever before, living rooms are multi-functional spaces. From watching movies, to hosting guests, to playing games, to cozying up with a good book, your living room should reflect your lifestyle.


At Smitty’s, we get lots of questions from customers about how best to update their living room and select furnishings to complement their daily routines. Here are some tips on how you can have a modern, urban, or glam living room in your home.


Modern Living Room

Example of modern living room from Brentwood Classics at Smitty's

Brentwood Classics logo

A modern living room doesn’t mean lots of odd shapes and harsh colours. In 2017, a modern living room is a space that is comfortable, accommodating, and features purposeful and attractive furniture and decor. It’s not too busy and it’s not too sparse. There’s space and air around the furniture to allow for flow and function — and the pieces generally offer clean lines, so that they all fit together well.


There are many ways to get the modern look in your living room. Here are some of Smitty’s favourite modern furniture additions:

  • Muted metal and glass coffee table and occasional tables
    • Brands like Artage and Amisco have great pieces to choose from
  • Low-profile and straight-line sofas and accent chairs
    • Brands like Trendline and Brentwood offer variety and some styles can be customized
  • Colourful and edgy area rugs
    • Brands like Kalora offer a huge selection of modern looks


Urban Living Room

Example of urban living room from Amisco at Smitty's Fine Furniture

Amisco logo

An urban living room doesn’t mean heavy or bold statement pieces. In 2017, an urban living room is a space that is flexible, functional, and accommodating, and features furniture that can do double duty. It’s angular but not harsh. There’s lots of space in the design and function is key — this is definitely a look that works well in condos and smaller spaces.


There are many ways to achieve an urban look in your living room. Here are some of Smitty’s favourite urban furniture additions:

  • Wood and metal coffee tables and side tables
    • Brands like Hooker Furniture and Universal have attractive and functional pieces to choose from
  • Dual purpose island tables
    • The latest furniture concept on the market are Amisco’s unique island tables, which offer a sleek, urban design and flexibility
  • Multi-use sofas
    • Brands like Palliser and Best Home Furnishings offer sofas, sofa beds, and reclining sofas with customizable fabric options to suit any style

Glam Living Room

Example of glam living room from Decor-Rest at Smitty's Fine Furniture

Decor-Rest Furniture logo

A glam living room doesn’t mean everything is fancy and breakable. In 2017, a glam living room is a space that features different kinds of finishes and surfaces. It is fun and a bit showy. It’s full of shine and sparkle, but isn’t overwhelming. There’s a feeling of posh, but without the attitude — this is a look that comes to life with mix and match furniture and accent pieces.


There are many ways to get the glam look in your living room. Here are some of Smitty’s favourite glam furniture additions:

  • Glass, mirrored, and shiny metal coffee tables and side tables
    • Brands like Decor-Rest and Rustique have attractive and functional pieces to choose from
  • Cushy and ornate sofas
    • Brands like Brentwood and Superstyle have a wide assortment of luxurious sofas
  • Table lamps, mirrors, and accent pieces
    • Brands like Surya have an amazing selection of shiny, mirrored, and glass accent pieces

Visit us at Smitty’s and let our expert decorators help you create your stylish living room.

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Top Accent Chairs

Top accent chairs at Smitty's Fine Furniture in Kitchener, Canada

Future Fine Furniture logo

Now that the cooler weather is here, we are spending more time inside. November is a great time to relax in the living room or study, host guests, read, and enjoy the great indoors. The question is: do you have enough seating for everyone and are you comfortable with the seating you do have?


There are more accent chair options than ever before and sometimes it can be overwhelming.


Here are Smitty’s top accent chair choices:


Zero-Gravity Chairs

Zero gravity chair from Palliser at Smitty's Fine Furniture

Palliser logo

There are so many benefits to owning a zero-gravity chair that it’s hard to know where to begin.


Zero-gravity chairs were originally invented by NASA to help astronauts avoid the physical stress of liftoff. Now, this incredible technology has made its way into our homes.


These remarkably comfortable chairs are versatile and can help with a host of ailments.


Reclining in a Palliser Zero-Gravity Chair can help you:

  • Reduce swelling in your legs
  • Reduce pressure on your vertebrae and spine
  • Increase blood flow to your heart and improve circulation, by reclining with your legs over your head
  • Reduce the pressure of gravity on your muscles and bones

Palliser’s Zero-Gravity chairs are customizable and come in a range of fabrics and leathers to suit any room in your home.


Swivel Chairs

Swivel chair from Decor-Rest at Smitty's Fine Furniture in Kitchener

Swivel chairs are on trend. They are designed to appear like regular accent chairs, but they are so much more. Decor-Rest and Hooker swivel chairs are super comfortable and great for:

  • Placing by a window to take in a view
  • Placing in a room with several focal points (e.g. a fireplace, a window, a coffee table)
  • Placing in a room to create two distinct focal areas (e.g. can turn to face the sofa and then turn towards a television in the opposite direction)

Swivel chairs are available in a range of styles, fabrics, and colours — and some even recline.



Man in a reclining chair from Dutailer at Smitty's Fine Furniture

Dutailrer logo

These are not your father’s recliners. Recliners come in a variety of styles, from modern to traditional, and they can be customized with a wide array of fabrics and leathers.


Reclining in a Leathercraft Recliner can help:

  • Reduce pressure and pain on your lower back
  • Reduce swelling in your legs and ankles
  • Assist with overall circulation

Leathercraft designs and builds gorgeous leather recliners in styles from classic to contemporary.


A Chair for Everyone


Whether you’re redecorating your space, replacing a worn out chair, or adding seating to accommodate guests for the upcoming holiday season, we have a chair for everyone.


Smitty’s expert decorating team will help you find the perfect chairs for every room, for every need, and to suit your style. Come and check out our chairs today!

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Company's Coming

Sofa bed from Simmons at Smitty's Fine Furniture

Simmons logo

It’s that time of year again, time to start preparing for the holiday season — and time to start thinking about where everyone will sleep.


Are you tired of pumping up inflatable mattresses for guests?

Are you tired of arguing with your children about how kicking them out of their rooms
is no big deal for a couple of nights?


Are you tired of breaking your back by moving furniture around to
try and create sleeping options for guests?


Smitty’s has the solution to all these concerns. Our sofa beds and sofa bed ottomans will reduce your stress and host your guests with ease.


Sofa Beds

Sofa bed from Trendline at Smitty's Fine Furniture

Trendline logo

Sofa beds are a great addition to any home. They’re perfect for hosting guests, they’re easy to use, and they’re comfortable and stylish.


These convertible sofas aren’t enormous like they used to be. Function and form now go hand-in-hand and pieces are available with low profile sides and mechanisms hidden from view.


The flexibility of this dual-function furniture is that it can be used in many rooms in your home. It doesn’t have to be limited to just the living room. Sofa beds are great additions to rec rooms, children’s bedrooms, and dens.


Brands like Superstyle, Simmons, and Trend-line offer a range of customizable sofa beds to suit any style, and you can select your arm, leg, and fabric to make it uniquely your own.


Sofa Bed Ottomans

Sofa bed ottoman from Simmons at Smitty's Fine Furniture

Simmons logo

We know what you’re thinking...sofa bed ottoman? Wow! That’s really cool. Yes, they are.


These trendy and functional ottomans can serve as a central focal point, useable space, or footrest, and then transform into a comfortable bed for guests.


The latest trend in furniture, these compact sofa bed ottomans are simple to use, sturdy, and will house overnight guests with ease. Select brands are also customizable, so you can design your  ottoman to suit your existing decor.

Simmons sofa bed ottomans are displayed on our showroom floors now, so come and check them out for yourself. You will be amazed!

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Simple Ways To Turn Your House Into A Home

Living room furniture set from Craftmaster at Smitty's Fine FurnitureCraftmaster Furniture logo




Today’s housing market has exploded and prices are through the roof. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or are considering making a move the costs of purchasing a home are prohibitive.


So what are people doing?


Trends show that people aren’t buying homes as much as they once were. Instead, they are investing in their current home and making it a space they can continue to enjoy for years to come.


Homeowners have started to realize that any type of house — detached, semi, townhome, or condo — can be upgraded and updated. You can make your house a home.


At Smitty’s, our decorators love to help homeowners breathe new life into their homes by updating their spaces with new furniture and accessories. Here are some of our favourite ways to turn your house into a home.

Table Transformation

Bermex dining room furniture set at Smitty's Fine Furniture

Bermex logo









The kitchen is the hub of every home. It’s the place where you spend many hours preparing meals for your family and friends — and the dining table is at the heart of every kitchen or dining room.


Your dining table is used as a surface for entertaining, working, playing games, and as a place to gather around for quality time. It is a multifunctional workhorse.


Selecting a new dining table is a great way to update your space and meet your current lifestyle needs.


How do you choose the right dining table?

There are several important considerations to think about when selecting a new table:

  • How big is your space?
  • How many people need to fit around the table?
  • Do you need a table with extensions, to fit more people?
  • Do you want a round, square, or rectangular table?
  • Will the table need to be versatile and used for more than just eating?


We have a great selection of dining tables to choose from, and our expert decorating team can help you select the best choice for your space. If you want to get a headstart before coming into the showroom, you can go online and use our custom room planner to design your dream dining space.


Seating Shake-Up

Bermex dining room chairs at Smitty's Fine Furniture

Bermex logo









Sometimes all it takes is updating your dining table seating to give your space a whole new look and feel. There are more options and styles to choose from than ever before — and you can mix and match seating to suit your needs.


How do you choose the right dining chairs?

There are several important considerations to think about when selecting dining chairs:


  • How many people need to fit around the table?
    • This is important when deciding how wide each chair should be.
  • How tall is your dining table?
    • Most tables range between 28-31 inches and people typically prefer sitting with 10-12 inches of space between their lap and the tabletop.
  • Do you want arms or armless?
    • If you want arms, do you want the chair to slide underneath the tabletop?
  • Would a bench provide you with more flexibility?
    • Benches can slide under a table and save on floor space.


Our showrooms are filled with amazing chairs, from wood, to fabric, to leather, to metal — we’ve got it all.


Sofa Solutions

Hooker Furniture sofa from Smitty's Fine FurnitureHooker Furniture logo






For the biggest impact, the number one piece of furniture to update in your living room is your sofa. By replacing a sofa, sofa bed, or sectional, you can make a room feel completely different.


How do you choose the right sofa?

There are several important considerations to think about when selecting a sofa:

  • How much room do you have (both width and length)?
  • How many people are you looking to fit on your sofa?
  • Do you want your sofa to fit into a corner of a room or divide a room?
  • Do you need extra sleeping space for guests?
  • Do you have pets and need to consider cleaning or fabric options?

Smitty’s Pro Tip: Don’t forget to measure your front door. You don’t want to order a new sofa only to find out that it won’t make it into your home. As part of our service, Smitty’s can offer you a free check measure, to ensure your furniture will fit into your home.


We have a huge selection of sofa styles ranging from traditional to modern. We also offer brands that are customizable — allowing you the flexibility to select your fabric, legs, and throw cushions.


The expert decorating team at Smitty’s will work with you to find and customize unique pieces of furniture to suit your space. By ordering your furniture in October, you can have your new furniture (and your refreshed space) in time for the holidays!

Visit us at Smitty’s and see just how easy it is to turn your house into a home.

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Spectacular Storage

Storage cabinet from Hooker Furniture at Smitty's Fine Furniture






The famous quote, “a place for everything and everything in its place”, rings true today as we try and find suitable places to store our belongings.


Another phrase that is often used amongst homeowners is, “You can never have too much storage space”.


We all know that, over time, we accumulate more and more items in our homes — it just seems to happen! The tricky part is having places to put these items, so that they are accessible when we want them and hidden away when we don’t. The other consideration is that we want the storage to look good, and fit our lifestyle and decor.


The good news is that there are functional and stylish options at Smitty’s to help you with this challenge.

Take your space from cluttered to organized

Trendline logo



There are many storage options to choose from, it just depends on your room and your style. When you come into Smitty’s, our expert decorators can assist you in finding the best choices for your spaces. In the meantime, we hope to inspire you with some of our favourites storage options:


  • Trendline ottomans with hidden storage (above)
    • These ottomans open to reveal a large storage space, perfect for blankets, magazines, books, remotes, games, and more.

Dimplex logo



  • Dimplex fireplaces with visible storage
    • These stylish units provide a terrific spot for your television and handy storage below. It’s perfect for storing DVDs, CDs, games — and the fireplace will keep you cozy and warm this winter.

Magnussen home furniture at Smitty's Fine Furniture


Magnussen logo



  • Magnussen bookcase and entertainment units with rolling doors
    • These storage units were inspired by the wineries in Napa Valley and offer adjustable shelving, pullout bin-style drawers, built-in LED lighting, and wire management drawers for your television, DVD player, etc.

Amisco living room island table at Smitty's Fine Furniture



  • Amisco living room island tables are the latest way to provide more space
    • This adjustable island can function as a table, a serving island when guests are visiting, a working desk, and an additional storage space for lighting, books, snacks, and more.


Whatever your needs, Smitty’s has the solution to maximize your space and solve your storage concerns. Visit Smitty’s and check out the latest spectacular storage solutions.


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Top 3 Ways To Add Warmth To Your Living Room

Bermex living room set at Smitty's Fine Furniture

Bermex logo









As we prepare for the cooler weather and hosting season, many of us look for ways to make our homes warm and inviting. Incorporating rich and darker tones into your living spaces is a great way to add depth and warmth — include a fireplace and you’ve got the perfect, cozy space!


There are many rooms that can benefit from some deeper tones, richer furnishings, and enhanced decor, but the most commonly asked questions we get are about how to add warmth to the living room.


Here are our top three ways to add warmth to your living room:


1. Dimplex Electric Fireplace Media Consoles

Dimplex electric fireplace media console at Smitty's Fine Furniture

Dimplex logo



Available in different styles, these rich-toned consoles offer a handcrafted look and a finish resembling reclaimed wood. The rustic-chic look is a great way to update your space, while the built-in fireplace will provide ample warmth and act as a wonderful focal point in your living room.


The added bonus of the Dimplex console is the concealed storage, built-in cord management system, and reinforced structure to hold a large television.


2. Wood Coffee Tables & Occasional Tables

Wood coffee table from Rustique at Smitty's Fine Furniture



Nothing says richness and warmth like real wood. Adding a wood coffee table or occasional table in your living room will warm up the look of your space, and will be helpful for storage and hosting.


Coffee tables are available in styles and shapes to suit any living room. From round, to square, to rectangular, you can find them in solid wood or combinations of glass and wood, or metal and wood.


Occasional tables also come in a range of styles and shapes. They can serve as a stylish addition to showcase your home decor — and they’re the perfect place to set-up refreshments when you are hosting guests.


3. Leather Sofas & Accent Chairs

Leather chairs and sofas from Palliser at Smitty's Fine Furniture



Is there anything cozier than curling up in a leather sofa? We don’t think so.


Leather provides a high-quality look and feel, it’s very comfortable, and it is extremely durable. Our leather furniture comes in a wide variety of styles and, if you prefer, selected brands are customizable. Our expert decorators will guide you through the process of choosing your leather, your legs, and the coordinating pieces.


Adding a leather sofa and accent chair is a great way to give your living room a warm look and feel for years to come.

Visit us at Smitty’s and we’ll help you warm up your living room.

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