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For the Love of Canadian Furniture
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Bedrooms That Wow

While the kitchen may be the hub of your home, the bedroom is your personal sanctuary — it’s also where you will spend the most time over the course of your life, so you want it to be perfect.


It is important that a bedroom is comfortable so you can feel calm and get the rest you need. But bedrooms can offer a lot more than comfort, and they aren’t just a place for sleeping. More than ever before, bedrooms are incorporating style and character and are becoming a fashionable oasis in people’s homes.


What are the steps to creating your ‘wow’ bedroom?


Get To Know Your Style


First things first, you need to ask yourself what you like. You can sift through some home design magazines for inspiration, but it might be simpler and more fun to take the HGTV Bedroom Personality Quiz.


Styles include romantic, dreamer, rebel, creator, and more!


What Is Your Colour Palette?


Once you have a sense of your style, it will be important to examine the colour palette in your space, and in your home.

  • Are you looking to paint your bedroom, or keep it the same colour?
  • Do you want your bedroom to blend in with the rest of your home, or stand out?
  • Do you like bold colours, or are you more interested in neutral tones?
  • How much room do you have to work with?
  • Is there a theme for your room (e.g. black and white retro, or airy beach)?
  • Do you want your furniture to match, or mix and match?

After you’ve answered these questions, you will be better prepared to begin selecting bedroom furniture pieces.


What Style of Bedroom Furniture Should You Choose?


There are many options to consider when selecting your bedroom furniture, and you don’t have to limit yourself to just one.


The Classic

Classic bedroom style traditionally incorporates a wooden bed frame with a wooden headboard, matching bedside tables, and a matching dresser with or without a mirror.


You can choose a sleigh bed, with its lovely curved headboard as the centrepiece to your room. Then, you can finish the look with solid wood tables, matching dressers finished in rich, deep coloured stains, and matching bedside lamps.


This classic style offers a warm look that will stand the test of time.


The Contemporary

Contemporary bedroom style can incorporate a wide variety of furniture pieces, from wood to steel and upholstered to iron.


You can pair a bed frame and headboard with matching nightstands and offset the match with a different style of dresser.


You can also jazz up the centrepiece of your room (aka your bed) by selecting an extra large headboard.

  • Traditional headboards are typically 0-3” wider than the bedframe and extend upwards between 14-29” above the horizontal plane of the bed.
  • Contemporary headboards can extend along the wall, taking in the width of your nightstands, and they can be as tall as you like.


The Mix & Match

Mix and match bedroom style allows you to pair pieces from different sets without being limited to one particular look and feel for your room.


You can pair a new headboard with an antique style dresser, and then match it with a contemporary bedside table. There are no rules.


This carefree look is easily updated and can be altered to go with your ever-changing style.

You Can Do It!

There are a lot of ways to turn your bedroom into a ‘wow’ bedroom. Come and visit Smitty’s and our expert decorators will help you bring your desired look to life.

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The Benefits of Adjustable Beds

Adjustable beds are the latest, and greatest, advancement in mattress technology.


For many people, the idea of an adjustable bed makes them think of a hospital bed — but that is far from the reality. The new adjustable mattresses are incredibly comfortable, ergonomic, easy to use, and they will improve your overall health and well-being.


Here is a list of some of the benefits of switching to an adjustable bed:


Reduce Pains & Aches


If you have back pain, suffer from spinal cord compression issues, or experience circulation concerns, then you will benefit from an adjustable bed.


By elevating various parts of your body you will reduce pressure on those areas which cause you pain. By alleviating pressure you will improve circulation, reduce pains and aches, and achieve a more comfortable and sustained sleep.


Reduce Digestive Issues


If you experience acid reflux, heartburn, or indigestion, then you will benefit from an adjustable bed.


If you elevate your upper body by 6-8”, you will find that your stomach is better able to retain acids compared with lying flat. A calmer inside will allow for a better quality of sleep.


Reduce Snoring & Asthma


If you, or your partner, are kept awake by snoring or difficulty breathing due to asthma, then you will benefit from an adjustable bed.


By adjusting the incline of the mattress you will find that your passageways clear and allow for increased air and oxygen flow into your body. Improved breathing will mean that your heart won’t be working so hard and your body will be able to relax and achieve a better quality of sleep.


Improve General Comfort


If you, or your partner, are tired of constantly shifting and adjusting pillows to get comfortable to read or relax in bed, then you will benefit from an adjustable bed.


The user-friendly technology will allow you, at the touch of a button, to get completely comfortable. Features include programmable positions, wireless remotes, headboard brackets, massage systems, USB charging ports, and more!

At Smitty’s, we are proud to carry a wide range of adjustable mattresses including: Serta, Kingsdown, Springwall, and Zedbed. Visit us at Smitty’s and try out our adjustable beds to find the perfect mattress for you!

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Your Look, Your Style, Your Home — Amisco Bedroom Furniture

Amisco is a Quebec-based company that specializes in designing and producing quality, long-lasting products. Their line of bedroom furniture is some of the most comfortable and durable in the industry, and their innovative designs look great in any space.


Traditional & Contemporary


Whether your style is traditional or contemporary, Amisco offers a lot of choice. From classic footboard beds and platform beds, to upholstered and trendy, their line of bed frames is smartly designed.


Bed frame design elements include the use of solid wood, distressed wood, steel, and padded headboards for ultimate comfort.


Some of the latest urban styles incorporate built-in night stands that fit right onto the frame. Having a bedside table at exactly the right height is very handy.


Children’s Beds

Amisco designs and produces an innovative line of children’s beds in a wide variety of styles.


Upholstered beds offer a stylish and comfortable look for your child’s room. From soft, muted colours to funky colourful fabrics, you can turn any space into a kid-friendly room.


If traditional is more your speed, Amisco produces solidly crafted frames with metal and wood headboards and footboards in a variety of colours and shapes.


Amisco also builds trundle beds which can provide you with excellent functionality — you don’t need any extra room for footboards or headboards which makes them quite good in small spaces. You can even use a trundle bed as a daybed, depending on your space.




Amisco offers customization of its products. This means you can select your fabric covering for the headboard, the type of metal used for the frame and legs, and even the type of wood used.


Offering a wide selection of materials means that you can create a one-of-a-kind piece that fits your style and room perfectly. You can achieve the look you want, without compromise.

Come and visit Smitty’s and check out the wonderfully designed Amisco beds — there’s a style for everyone.


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Durham Bedroom Furniture

Durham Furniture has been designing and building solid wood furniture since 1899. Known for their exceptional quality, distinguished features, and sustainably harvested materials, Durham is an amazing Canadian company.


Located in Durham, Ontario, the business employs nearly 200 craftspeople, some of which include generations of families working together, who produce environmentally responsible and beautifully designed furniture.


Environmentally Sustainable Construction


When you purchase a piece of Durham solid wood furniture, you can rest assured that it was produced in an environmentally sustainable and ethical way.


Durham Furniture builds its solid wood products using lumber from replenishing North American forests, and they continually work towards improving their environmental performance and reducing their ecological footprint.


Their commitment to sustainable production is solid and has been acknowledged by the following third-party certifications:

  • Sustainable Furnishings Council – Silver Exemplary Corporate Member
  • California Air Resources Board Compliance (CARB) – all Durham Furniture products meet and exceed the CARB 2 compliance requirements of the State of California


Ethically Sustainable Construction


Durham Furniture is also committed to their Social Equity Code of Conduct (which extends to their suppliers) and includes the following principles:

  • Provide proper wages and working conditions for employees
  • Use sustainable practices in acquiring all products
  • Develop a continuous improvement program for environmental practices
  • Have a strong commitment to health and safety for employees and their communities

They have even set up a liaison committee with local Durham residents to communicate what the company is doing to protect the environment and support living conditions around their manufacturing plant. Durham is committed to being a socially responsible member of their community.


Traditional, Contemporary, Transitional


Not only does Durham build their amazing furniture in a socially and environmentally responsible manner, but their products are also fantastic.


Their line of bedroom furniture comes in a wide array of styles to suit any home.


The traditional line takes their cue from 17th and 19th century furnishings and incorporates deeply coloured wood. Styles range from sleigh beds to European style grandeur featuring ornate carvings.


The contemporary line incorporates Asian and urban styles with wood and metal in a range of tones and stains.


The transitional line incorporates furniture that is a mix of traditional and contemporary with fewer ornate features, clean lines, and contrasting elements.

Smitty’s is proud to offer our customers Durham bedroom furniture. Visit our showrooms and check out their beautiful and sustainable line of bedroom furnishings, you won’t be disappointed.

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Decorator of the Month - August

At Smitty’s Fine Furniture, we are proud of our talented team of decorators! Our decorators work on-site in our Hanover and Kitchener locations to help our customers make informed decisions about purchasing new furniture, updating their existing pieces, and planning whole rooms that fit their budget and lifestyle.


August 2017’s Decorator of the Month is Annie!


Annie received her Interior Decorating certification at ICSC, a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design at OCADU, and has worked in furniture sales for over 10 years. Her furniture education is extensive, and includes courses in furniture history, design and manufacturing, and building furniture.


Annie believes appropriate interior decorating is essential as it can have a significant psychological impact on people's lives. Furnishings are not only functional, but can be an extension of oneself and will affect our moods and behaviours. As an example, Annie recently had a client who was unhappy with her dark living room as the sectional was too large and dark and it felt unwelcoming in the space. Annie’s solution was to create a brighter space with a lighter paint colour and more contemporary furniture for a light, airy, warm, and vibrant room that she now loves to use.


Annie believes that each room in a home should enhance one's life, even in a small way. This can happen by creating a calm and relaxing bedroom to promote a more restful sleep, a lively-feeling office to encourage productivityor a family room that feels warm and inviting to feel comfortable at the end of the day. Annie recognizes that each client is unique with different needs and personalities, so she makes sure to ask a lot of questions at the beginning of a consultation in order to best meet expectations.


For Annie, there is no such thing as a “difficult” room. There are always solutions! She is always happy to help and is thrilled when clients are pleased with the final result.

“Furniture and design have always been a huge part of my life. It is a pleasure to work at Smitty’s, solving client’s decorating dilemmas and having fun!”

Come on in to Smitty’s Kitchener and meet with Annie today!


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Stay On Trend & In Canada

Rustic Furniture from Smitty's Fine Furniture in Canada

Canadians take great pride in making their homes comfortable, functional, and stylish. As the housing market shifts once again, and people choose to invest in their home rather than sell, picking the perfect pieces of furniture becomes paramount.


Fortunately, we don’t have to look far to find fashionable furnishings that are also made in Canada. Trends are constantly evolving and changing, but there are some very accessible trends en vogue for 2017. Here are some top decor trends for 2017:


Casual and Comfortable

Casual and Comfortable Sofa from Smitty's Fine Furniture

The days of sitting upright on a firm chair, reading under matching table lamps, and positioning perfectly matching cushions on your sofa are gone. Canadians want to be cozy and comfortable in their homes. One of the big trends this year is to ditch the uncomfortable furniture and replace it with cushy, soft, and casual pieces. Brands like Decor-Rest, Palliser, and Brentwood have wonderful selections of sofas, accent chairs, and occasional tables that will make your home comfortable for any occasion.


Warm Colours and Metals: Bronze, Gold, Champagne

Artage Occasional Table from Smitty's Fine Furniture in Canada
The industrial look of past years has been replaced with warm tones. Solid wood dining tables, hutches, and dressers in chestnut, walnut, and chocolate finishes will bring a depth and warmth to your space.


On that same note, silver and metallic finishes have been replaced with bronze, gold, and champagne colours. You can mix and match these colours and tones in the fabric, and with accent pieces like throw pillows, table lamps, and decor pieces.


Whether it’s an occasional table, accent chair, or dining table, these rich tones are 100% on trend — and we have these Canadian products in-store.


Mix and Match

Mix and Match Colours on a Sofa from Smitty's Fine Furniture
Mixing and matching furniture is a trend that started a couple of years ago and is still going strong. This design concept is suitable in any room. From dining rooms with different head chairs or a mix of chairs and benches, to sofas with different colours of throw pillows, to bedrooms with bedside tables that don’t match the dresser — mixing and matching is hot.


The other benefit of mixing and matching your furniture and decor is that it gives your home a timeless appeal.


You will experience a great sense of freedom when placing furniture together in a room with different design styles and colours. Give it a try!  


If you’re not sure where to start, come and visit Smitty’s — our decorators will help you get it right!


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Decorator of the Month - July

At Smitty’s Fine Furniture, we are proud of our talented team of decorators! Our decorators work on-site in our Hanover and Kitchener locations to help our customers make informed decisions about purchasing new furniture, updating their existing pieces, and planning whole rooms that fit their budget and lifestyle.


July 2017’s Decorator of the Month is Angela!


Angela has been in interior decorating for almost 30 years and joined the Smitty’s team about five years ago.


Her passion and gift is in the details, and truly understanding her customers. She loves the energy that is created when she is able to collaborate with her customers, build off each other’s ideas and energy, and create something spectacular.


Angela’s favourite part of her role is helping a customer figure out their vision and bring it to life. Her hands-on approach allows her to partner with her customers to make their inspiration a reality — and she is just as excited by the finished results as they are!


Angela’s advice to customers is to find someone you have a great rapport with when choosing your decorator. It is the connection between the customer and the decorator that allows the magic to happen.


“My passion is to help create your vision through colour selection, texture, balance, and symmetry. My experience in kitchen design, window coverings, and draperies allow me to see the full spectrum of any of my customers projects.”

Come on into Smitty’s Kitchener and meet with Angela today!


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Artage - 50th Anniversary

Artage Occasional Table at Smitty's Fine Furniture in Ontario

2017 is an exciting year for Artage International Inc. as they celebrate their 50th Anniversary!


Artage has been producing fashionable steel furniture since 1967, and they remain one of the few metal fabricators left in North America that produce occasional tables.


Over the years, Artage has provided gorgeous furnishings to both large and small customers. Committed to craftsmanship, Artage designs and crafts furniture for the design-conscious consumer. Constantly developing new styles and finishes to reflect market and fashion trends, Artage is a true leader in Canadian design.


Quality from start to finish


Over the years, increased competition from other parts of globe has resulted in many producers creating products quickly, sometimes with lower quality standards, and with a lack of customization.


Artage has gone the opposite direction by deliberately choosing to remain in Canada, focusing on building quality pieces, and offering customers the ability to customize select products.


All of Artage’s metal tables are produced at their 24,000 square foot factory. From the beginning stage of working with raw metal to the welding, drilling, and polishing, Artage pays careful attention to the entire process. They are focused on ensuring that the highest quality standards are always met and are evident to the end user.


The latest trends

Artage Bar Cart at Smitty's Fine Furniture in Canada

Always on trend, Artage is currently showcasing a wide variety of gold and champagne toned occasional tables, drink tables, wine/storage carts, and console tables.


They are also featuring their ‘Options Program’ which enables customers to select from five domestically-produced table collections and customize the frame, finish, and top.


Artage offers customers a wide range of finishes and highlights. From painted to plated, your custom furniture will look stunning.


Smitty’s is proud to carry this beautiful and creative brand in our showrooms. Visit Smitty’s online, and in-store, to see the latest from Artage.


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A Brief History of Smitty’s Fine Furniture

Smitty's moving truck from the history of the companySmitty’s Fine Furniture has been serving customers for over 68 years and is an important fixture in the Canadian furniture industry. Here is a brief history of the story that is Smitty’s.


Before There Was Furniture...


Smitty's Furniture, Pianos and Groceries

Edward Schmidt (aka Smitty), was born in 1899, and was the third of four sons born to William and Wilhelmina Schmidt, of Bentinck Township near Hanover, Ontario. William and Wilhelmina had recently emigrated from Germany and were attracted to the Hanover area because of its wealth of farmland and hardwood bushes. By the 1920s, Hanover was known as the “Capital” of the Canadian furniture industry.

  • In the 1920s, Edward worked as the head finisher at the Peppler Furniture Company.
  • In the 1930s, Edward started his own piano sales business. He drove all over Toronto in an old pickup truck to buy used upright pianos to fix, and he did all the refinishing and fixing in the living room of his home. The business became so successful that he built a finishing shop behind his home.
  • FUN FACT: Edward was a musician and played the organ at the local church for decades. He was affectionately called ‘Smitty at the organ’, and his musical sensibilities were an asset when tuning his refinished pianos as he had perfect pitch!
  • FUN FACT: During the war, Elmer (Edward’s son) sold cigarettes (they were part of the soldiers' rations) and he saved all his earnings. It was these savings that were used to start Smitty’s!

Next Came Smitty’s Shopping Centre


Smitty's Shopping Centre was founded in 1949, and began by selling groceries, meats, vegetables, hardware, and large appliances. In 1951, the first of numerous additions was built for sales of home furnishings, pianos, and organs. At that time, there were 15 furniture factories in the Hanover area.


The grocery and hardware business was phased out in 1955 to make way for drapery, broadloom, and televisions.

  • FUN FACT: Throughout 1950s, 60s, and 70s, Smitty’s customers were brought back to Edward’s house for a tumbler of his homemade red wine and to listen to him play his organ.

By 1962 Smitty’s home furnishing started to attract thousands of customers from much larger urban centres.

  • FUN FACT: Elmer was a car wheeler-dealer, buying and selling cars on a weekly basis. One day, his wife came out of the grocery store to find her car missing – Elmer had sold it while she was shopping!

Then Came Smitty’s Fine Furniture

  • In 1963, Edward’s third son (Gordon) joined Smitty’s with his sewing machine business and became a furniture buyer.
  • In 1963, Smitty’s opened a modern 13,000 square foot home furnishings showroom and 12,000 square foot warehouse — the first of its kind in the region.
  • In the 1970s, Smitty’s expanded and built an even larger showroom (25,000 square feet) across the street from the showroom.
  • In the 1980s, Smitty’s began attending home shows in the Toronto region.
  • In 1985, Smitty’s opened a second location (44,000 square feet) in Cambridge.
  • In 2014, the Cambridge location moved to Kitchener.

Many things have changed over the years, but one thing that remains constant is our commitment to providing quality furniture with a focus on Made In Canada products. Today, we are proud to carry the largest variety of Canadian furniture brands in the region.


Smitty’s is proud of our heritage and our family focus. Words like caring, giving, and trustworthy are the words that we live by from the moment you step through our doors until we step through yours.


For the Love of Canadian Furniture

Thank you for being a part of our history.

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Top Reasons To Buy Canadian Furniture

Top Reasons to Buy Canadian Made Furniture at Smitty's

July marks the celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday, and in honour of this momentous occasion we are highlighting some of the top reasons to buy Canadian furniture.


At Smitty’s, we are proud of our roots and we know that there are many good reasons to purchase furniture that is made in Canada — here are a few of our favourites:


Canadians are expert furniture makers.


Canada has a long history of producing furniture. In fact, Canadian furniture originated with the first settlers and was made up of simple, handmade, and generally practical products. The first Canadian furniture company was established in Berlin (now Kitchener), Ontario, in 1830.


Canadians have the expertise to produce solidly-crafted pieces. Brands like Brentwood, Decor-Rest, Amisco, and countless others, have decades of experience producing high-quality and fashionable furniture that is made in Canada.


Canadian furniture is quality furniture.


Brands like Durham, Future Fine Furniture, and many others, are focused on sustainability and being environmentally-friendly. Products are made with eco-friendly materials, including organic cotton fabrics and sustainably harvested maple, cherry, and ash. Many manufacturers also offer solid wood products — no veneer or particle board filled with synthetic glues. Other brands build products using soy-based polyfoam, which is free from harmful chemicals.


Canadian furniture is in style.


Canadian furniture is very much in style and on trend. We have internationally respected designers who are creating truly beautiful and comfortable furniture that is suitable for real life. Canadian designs range from classic to contemporary and can transform your space without breaking your budget.


Buying ‘Made in Canada’ furniture supports the Canadian economy.


The Canadian furniture industry is 97% Canadian-owned and employs more than 100,000 people across the country. We are the 5th largest exporter of furniture in the world and exported more than $5 billion in furniture products in 2015. Consumers looking for fashionable and quality furniture are turning to Canada.


Smitty’s Fine Furniture is proud to showcase Canadian furniture in our showrooms and galleries. As we say in our tagline, it’s ‘For the LOVE of Canadian Furniture’.


Visit a Smitty’s showroom today and check out our fantastic Canadian-made furniture.

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